Job Placement Describe Four Sources

Discuss why they are significant and how clients can be trained in those areas.

Persistence: Encourage the client to see every experience as valuable, even a bad interview is still practice

Written communication: Know how to communicate briefly and effectively through an online resume, over email, which can be honed with practice

Oral communication: Know how to communicate in interviews and over the phone which can also be honed with practice in mock-interviews

Turn negatives into positives: Even a stay-at-home mother has skills that can be valuable in the workforce

You are discussing hiring people with disabilities with an employer. The employer asks the following questions:

If I hire a person with disabilities or promote the person, how will my companys health-insurance and workers compensation costs be affected?

They should not be unduly affected, given that according to the ADA website, an employer “must provide a reasonable accommodation if a person with a disability needs one in order to apply for a job, perform a job, or enjoy benefits equal” to other employees, but it must not produce an “undue hardship” for the employer (ADA, EEOC, 2004).

Does the ADA require me, as an employer, to provide health insurance to an employee who is disabled?

According to “Getting medical information from employees,” on the 2004 updated ADA website:

“Basic rule: The ADA strictly limits the circumstances under which you may ask questions about disability or require medical examinations of employees.

Such questions and exams are only permitted where you have a reasonable belief, based on objective evidence, that a particular employee will be unable to perform essential job functions or will pose a direct threat because of a medical condition” (ADA, EEOC, 2004).

What tax incentives are available to employers who hire people with disabilities?

“To offset the cost of accommodations,” the government provides tax credits, such as the Small Business Tax Credit and vocational rehabilitation funding (ADA, EEOC, 2004).

Where can I find out about how to make job accommodations if I do not know how to go about this?

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission provides a primer on the ADA on its website

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